How To Buy A Dual Zone Wine Fridge In The UK

How To Buy A Dual Zone Wine Fridge In The UK

Upon discovering your passion for being a serious wine collector of various types of wine, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options of wine fridge technology available on the UK market. It is suggested to glance through several websites and order a wine cooler online. Many manufacturers and outlets pride themselves on only providing the public with the best dual zone wine fridge uk technology intended for those selected few who desire the preservation of red and white wine. So whether you prefer some shop hopping or internet surfing, your need to own a dual zone wine fridge should take precedence. 

To dual zone or not to dual zone, that is the question.

Stand in front of your already established wine bottle collections and determine whether they need to have only the best when it comes to their environmental needs to age in the proper way. Later, you would conclude that nothing else besides a dual-zone wine fridge would be good enough for your priceless wine bottles. Hence, your decision to invest in such a unique piece of wine cooling machinery would not be in vain. The dual zone wine fridge is a piece of technological advancement aimed at providing two different temperature zones within one wine cooling unit. A unique concept, isn’t it? For all wine collectors whose desire lies with the versatility of storing both red and white wine, this type of wine fridge or wine cooler would be a great determining factor. 

Facts about storage temperature for both red and white wine

Many wine experts advise that you can correctly store red and white wine at a temperature between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But this can be disputed as a mass of wine collectors believe that red wine needs a warmer storage climate, estimated to be at its pivotal level of 12 degrees Celsius. In comparison, white wine lovers prefer their white wine to be placed in a domain slightly colder as it is also served at a febricity below room temperature. In addition, this debating point surrounding the correct serving temperature is hot on the heels of the proper ageing process. In summary, if a wine is served at a temperature that is too warm, it will lose all its flavours leaving it with only the potent allure of pure alcohol. Therefore, it is widely believed that white wine must be served straight from the wine fridge, where it is stored at a cooler temperature. However, this belief is not always correct as this type of wine’s taste can also be muted. But, in conclusion, the right “comfort zone” depends on the individual‘s preferred taste of white or red wine. 

Simultaneous occurrences within a wine fridge

In hindsight, the correct preservation temperature must be number one on all wine collectors’ lists to tick off. But, other much-needed factors also need to occur to enhance wine cooling and storage technology. For example, a wine fridge must be set at the perfect humidity. Henceforth, the correct measurement must be upheld at a steady 70%. If this feature is lacking, it will lead to unwanted and nasty damage to the fridge and the bottles hoarded inside. If set too high, it might lead to the drying out of the corks, which leads to moisture seeping into the liquid within a wine bottle. On the other hand, if the humidity is initiated to a lower condition, mildew and mould formation would follow immediately after. Finally, keep your precious wine bottle collection out of direct sunlight. Luckily, a wine fridge is constructed so wondrously these days that a UV protective glass door installed to the front would prevent all damaging sun rays from entering the unit.