Who Should Consider Using a Disability Attorney

DisabilityLawHaving a disability is a difficult thing to live with and it is important that your legal rights are protected and that you are able to take advantage of the programs that have been put in place to help people living with disabilities. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of red tape surrounding these programs as some people will take advantage of these programs for financial gain. This makes it more difficult for legitimate disabled people to receive the benefits of these programs and often necessitates the use of a disability attorney to help. In addition, some employers do not honor the law in regards to disability protection and it may be necessary to obtain the usage of a disability attorney to help in this regard. This article will provide some insight into who should use a disability lawyer and in what circumstances representation is typically needed.

Some people feel comfortable in handling the application for disability benefits for themselves and will do so without the use of a disability lawyer to assist them in the process. Other people prefer the comfort of using a professional disability lawyer and will avoid devoting the time to do so themselves. While a disability lawyer is not essential for applying for disability benefits, they make the process easier, albeit at a cost. Generally the limit to the cost is 25% of the back pay received for disability benefits or $6,000 (the lessor of the two. Since disability benefits are reoccurring this one time attorney fee is not to extensive suffocating. Using a disability lawyer will not only make the process easier but increase the chances of getting benefits as they are trained and experienced in presenting your case in the best possible light. This can be a real boon for a disabled person in need of money to support their life during their disability.

Next, consideration of using a disability lawyer when your rights have been violated by an employer. Disabled individuals have legal protections surrounding their job performance, access to buildings, and in terms of not being discriminated against. If you feel as if your rights have been violated in any way then you may to consult with an attorney who can help to represent you. While people often consider lawyers to be those who seek legal reimbursements for claims that they may be making, there are other reasons that they may be useful such as in seeking modifications to existing conditions for the purpose of having changes put in place to provide better access t buildings or facilities.

A disability lawyer should be brought in at the earliest possible point as the will typically offer consultation (often free) in regards to what the best course of action is given your situation. Lawyer not only provide assistance with your claims but also provide guidance in regards to whether you have the right to pursue your case.

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