The Concierge and Mobile Concierge Services

The Concierge and Mobile Concierge ServicesOne of the key fundamental principles in regards to establishing a foundation for a successful business has been primarily focused on providing would be clients with access to some of the most efficient resources possible. These specific services are offered by an extremely dedicated group of highly trained and highly passionate employees who symbolize of the level of excellence that their respective companies happen to be striving for. A key pillar to that foundation is that of the concierge who, despite taking on a wide variety of distinctive roles throughout the annals of history, has become the pivotal link between businesses and their potential consumers.

For the concierge, long gone are the days of formerly greeting nobles as the servants of the castle or handing out justice to the common folk as officers of the King. Within the past couple of centuries the main focus of the concierge has revolved around becoming extensions of their organizations by assisting patrons with a variety of necessary tasks that cater to their every indulgence.

For years the hotel industry has employed concierges to extend accommodations to customers in a multitudes of ways including booking reservations, aiding in the completion of transactions, laying out the upcoming itinerary and even making personal recommendations for specific events, services and locals that they feel would suit the customers needs.

Other industries such as cruise lines and hospitals have also assigned employees to positions that perform similar functions to that of a hotel concierge. However, in some cases their responsibilities expand beyond that of helping their clients but to also offer much needed assistance to fellow employees.

There have also even been independent companies that have specialized in training individuals as concierges for other companies to take on a variety of positions including that of a doorman, receptionist and even becoming key assets within their marketing campaigns.

As previously stated the defining characteristics of the concierge have taken on many forms. However, with the advent of the technological age leading to integration of desktop computers and hand-held devices, mobile concierge services have now become the industry standard for todays ever evolving society.

With the implementation high tech software using programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Objective-C , the smart devices themselves now take on the role of the concierge. Clients now have the ability to budget their time accordingly by logging on to websites and/or utilize mobile apps with the implementation of interactive components. These features offer a more streamlined way of providing assistance similar to that of a live traditional concierge but in a much quicker fashion and, more importantly, at a higher volume in terms of the number of clients being served at once.

These days, when users are looking for more detailed information inquiring about cost effective travel plans, scheduling events for personal or business purposes and even general troubleshooting, they turn to mobile concierge services. Many websites are equipped virtual guides which contain a robust amount of resources that may not be available when dealing with a live person.

The numerous benefits associated with such technology cannot be overstated. When booking hotel rooms and excursions or researching cabins and activities for cruise lines customers can now engage in what many refer to as virtual tours of the facilities with the use of what is known as a user interface complete with listings via text and graphic content along with pictures, video clips and audio commentary. The purpose of these tours is to showcase what is being offered in real time from every conceivable point of view in order to generate the necessary feedback required to finalize the transaction.

More importantly, they offer clients are much more detailed breakdown of the overall expenses allowing a much more proficient way of comparing prices and finding the best deals.

While traditional concierges are not as prevalent as they once were they are in no danger of becoming entirely obsolete any time soon. Despite the obvious advantages that exist for the tech savvy there will always be those who would favor face to face interaction with a live representative due to not having the necessary tools at their disposal or simply out of sheer preference. With that said there is little doubt that mobile concierge services will be absolutely necessary for success when constructing a comprehensive business model for years to come.


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