Frequently Asked ?’s

What is the goal of Hear Me Say This?

The goal of Hear Me Say This is to enhance civic participation by making it more convenient (and more efficient) to communicate with Members of Congress. As more and more citizens and their representatives begin using social networking tools like Twitter, new opportunities for discourse and communication present themselves.

Hear Me Say This makes it easy for citizens to communicate with their representatives in Congress. Once a user has registered, they can record a message by making a simple phone call. Their recording is distributed using Twitter, which means it can be “retweeted“, added to a blog or Facebook profile, etc. – a user’s message can be spread as far and wide as they want.

If your representatives use Twitter, they’ll be notified when your message is recorded. If your Representative or Senators do not use Twitter, Hear Me Say This will assign #hashtags to your recording so that you and others (including your representatives) can hear what you have said. Hashtags also allow Twitter’s powerful search features to aggregate messages and see which representatives are getting the most “shout outs” on Hear Me Say This.

When will this service come out of private beta?

Not to be cryptic, but soon… We hope to open this service up for a public beta period within a few months.

How do I request an invitation code?

If you would like to participate in the private beta, you can send us an e-mail.. There are a limited number of registration slots available for the private beta.

I’ve recorded my message? Now what?

After you record your message, we’ll post a Tweet to the Hear Me Say This Twitter stream. We post your message as a Twitter @reply, so you should be able to see it in your @Replies tab when you log into Twitter. If you are following Hear Me Say This, you should be able to see this in your public timeline.

Popular Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and Twhirl also display @Replies and can be configured to your liking.

Can I change my registered phone number after signing up for Hear Me Say This?

Yes. Login to the site and click on the profile link in the upper left hand corner. Change your registered phone number under the “Additional Information” section.

How will the people that represent me in Congress get my message?

When we post your recording to Twitter, we will include the Twitter user names of the people representing you in Congress or, if they are not yet using Twitter, a #hashtag with their office and district number. For example:

  • A #hashtag for the 25th Congressional District in New York would look like: #hmst-ny-r25
  • A #hashtag for North Carolina’s senior Senate Seat would look like: #hmst-nc-ss
  • A #hashtag for Delaware’s junior Senate Seat would look like: #hmst-de-sj

If your Representatives or Senators are using Twitter, they will see your message in their @Replies tab as well!

How many members of Congress currently use Twitter?

A growing number are using Twitter. You can check and see if the people that represent you in Congress are using Twitter by visiting