Finding a Natural Way to Control Mosquitoes

control mosqOne’s relation to nature can be a complicated thing. On one hand, everyone loves spending time outside. There’s few things more enjoyable than inviting friends and family out to spend the day relaxing outside. Whether it’s camping or a cookout, the outdoors can be a literal breath of fresh air for one’s life. However, at the same time nature can bring with it a lot of difficulties. In particular, mosquitoes are the bane of any outing.

They’re problematic on any number of levels. First, they’re an auditory nuisance. Everyone’s familiar with the experience of having pleasant background noise interrupted by a horribly annoying buzzing sound. A mosquito flying around one’s ears is about as far from peaceful as one can get. But of course the larger issue is mosquito bites. They’re an annoyance that becomes even more annoying as time goes on. The discomfort of the initial bite can last for days or even weeks. However, the biggest worry comes down to disease. Mosquitoes are one of the most worrisome vectors for disease propagation. They might well be considered one of the biggest bio-hazards that humanity has ever dealt with.

The real issue comes with how one can deal with mosquitoes. Because there’s one big limiting factor when it comes to dealing with a pest problem. The whole point of being outside is to enjoy nature. So what happens if one decides to fight an aspect of nature by pumping toxic chemicals into the environment? It’s a bit like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. One might solve the mosquito problem, but also destroy everything enjoyable about the natural environment as well.

So this all comes together into a very important question. One has to wonder if there’s a way to preserve one’s own health, the integrity of the natural environment one set out to enjoy, and kill or drive off mosquitoes at the same time. And the answer, thankfully, is a solid yes. And the method to do so is known as natural mosquito control.

Natural mosquito control is a method of using environmentally friendly techniques and materials to control the mosquito population. While the exact details can vary by exact product, in general there’s a few things on can expect from this naturally based mosquito control. Usually they’re constructed from a variety of essential oils. These are, as the name suggests, naturally produced oils from various plants. These act to trigger an aversion response from the mosquitoes who encounter it.

The best part of repellents based on essential oils is that it’s a non-toxic solution. A solution that is safe both at the time of administration and as it breaks down into the environment. It acts as any other plant product, and will safely disperse back into the environment within a few weeks to a month after application. This ensures that one’s friends and family will be safe, and the environment as well.


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